The power of the web

When I was thinking what to dedicate the last open post to, I got absolutely lost in the amount of the overwhelming and exciting information that we came across on this module. However, I came to a conclusion that talking about the internet in general would be a good idea to round up. Just to think of how the internet has changed our everyday lives is mesmerizing. The internet gives a sense of complete freedom, without limitations, borders and fears that people have in reality. Nowadays, millions of people can’t even imagine their lives without the almighty web. All of the services and goods could be ordered through the internet without leaving the comfort of one’s home. Its pretty amazing to say the least, how the internet has developed throughout the past years. I still remember how difficult it was to connect to it during my childhood, which was in the end of 90’s and the progress that was made during these years is truly great. It was considered to be such a miracle, now though the internet is considered just a completely ordinary part of our every day routines. Moreover, the internet plays one of the biggest parts in developing world wide globalization, and this process is getting stronger by the minute. Definitely, the internet unites the world together. There are so many interesting facts about the internet, and while researching I came across a link that I would love to share with you.

I hope you will enjoy these facts and will find out some new and fun information for yourself about the thing that we cannot imagine our lives without today- the internet.



Netflix… I believe everyone is very familiar to what this website has to offer and just how popular it is. Additionally, it is a great example of a website that you have to pay for in order to enjoy it’s content. The monthly subscription fee to it is £7,49 per month and this price instantly gains it’s users access to an endless number of movies, television series and much more. In fact, in order to get a taste of how good the website is, Netflix offers it’s new potential users a trial, free of charge month which is just the needed amount of time for developing an addiction to Netflix. The website offers a great variety of media content that is in perfect quality, with subtitles if desired and all other perks that make the viewer enjoy the experience in full. Of course, not everyone is happy to pay almost £8 every month for what could be potentially accessed on other websites for free. But then again, the price that Netflix charges promises that it will be payed back by offering the best of content and most importantly, all the movies and tv series you could ever want are combined in one place. So why look any further? I think that if Netflix was free to access, it would have been much different to what it is now and the quality of the content would have been a lot worse. And to think of all the copyright and piracy troubles that could have been… Therefore, it’s a very reliable and generally convenient platform to use, even overlooking the subscription fee.

Nowadays everyone is part of many various social networks. Facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter and so on… Of course, I am not an exception. I remember back when facebook was only just created it was widely popular to post all of the information you could think of about yourself online. This was a way of getting more followers, friend requests and generally gaining popularity on social networks. But that was a trend a few years ago and now this trend has definitely passed. Users of online communities started posting much less information about themselves and a lot of profiles, on instagram, for example, are now private. Regarding myself, I don’t post any information about myself whatsoever. On my facebook page only the very basic information could be found as I really don’t see much point in revealing personal details, especially as anyone would be able to see it. On instagram my profile is private most of the time, however sometimes I open it to the public just for a subtle change once in a while. Of course, judging by instagram a lot could be said about a person’s interests and hobbies, without having to read or search for any additional information. Either way, online world of social media platforms is fun and enjoyable, but I believe it is still important to think through what content and information on yourself to post, as everything could be found on google at any point by anyone.

In this post, I will be talking about a very well known, friendly, useful and multi-platform community- buzzfeed. This online community is a collective of news and entertainment. It is international and convenient for those that do not speak English, as the language in which the layout of the website will be can be chosen in the toolbar provided, or alternatively “switched” to the preferred country and this action will be showing important news and relevant content of this country.

Users of the community, if logged in, can share their most beloved tips, tricks and useful lifehacks. As I already mentioned, this community could be found on various platforms, and their Youtube channels are massively popular with the audience reaching more than 5 million per each channel. Channels are segmented into categories and absolutely everyone will find something for themselves – from comical mini-videos about life in general to magnificent tutorials.

Check them out (if you haven’t already 🙂 )

The convenience of convergence

Before writing this post, I have spent some time researching and fully understanding this topic. So what is convergence in the field of media?  It is basically the interlinking of various media platforms which creates a more beneficial outcome for both- media platforms and the  audience. In fact, we, as the users of the media meet with convergence in this field rather often. For instance, newspapers that we read on a daily basis no longer have just the printed version- we can also access it easily through the internet, thus it makes it very convenient for people with busy lifestyles who often simply don’t have time to buy a regular printed newspaper, or for students that need to find information about a certain article quickly. Another example of convergence in media  would additionally be the television programme schedule. It is not only printed in many newspapers but is also available for online access. I believe that media convergence is a very useful thing that makes our lives somewhat easier and even more enjoyable you could say. While doing my research on this subject, I found the article that was suggested to us for further reading very thorough, with lots of examples and views upon this topic. Here is the name of it  once again for your convenience. You can additionally access it via google scholar.

Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. New York: New York University Press.

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Helpful resource for the media fans

When I started researching the web in hopes of finding useful resources for my fellow classmates, I have set myself a particular topic to do the research on. And this topic is digital media and the innovations that this sphere has. In fact, I was lucky to find so many useful and generally interesting websites, journals, videos and even mobile apps that I was faced with yet another tricky decision of narrowing down all of that information to a single source. Thus, I present you the website that will hopefully help and encourage students of this module. The website is Poynter.  This is the place for everyone who is studying media, journalism or is generally interested in both of these subjects. This website gives users the insight into the daily updates in the world of media. It is easy to navigate and understand, as this website combines all of the articles from different magazines regarding the topic you are interested in. It gives users a deep insight into the many sides of media and journalism as well as appropriate tips that are nice to bear in  mind. The resource boasts such a great variety of interesting articles and topics, that all of the users are finding it highly effective and helpful.


Google the helper

It could surely be said that there are so many interesting and mesmerizing facts about the history of the internet. In fact, almost every day new services are developed. But, I believe one of the most significant services created are search engines. In particular, I will be discussing Google.

Google it… We hear this term being used frequently every day, don’t we? That is all thanks to the developers of Google- the online search engine which rescues us on a daily basis.It could surely be said that Google is one of the most recognizable search engines on the planet, if not the most recognizable one. The creation of this modern day marvel is the merit of two (back then) college students- Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who met one day and decided that it was about time for the creation of something, that will be forever stored in the history of the world wide web. In the year of 1996, they created a search engine called BackRub which was running for just over a year before the creators of it decide to rename the search engine to Google. By the way, have you ever noticed that once you Google something and go further into the results pages, the number of the “o” in Google grows more and more? Well, that is because Googol is a mathematical term which describes an incredibly large number- many zeros after 1. Therefore, Sergey and Larry thought it would be the perfect name for the search engine  as the main goal was to get as much of the results from the web as possible.

Just come to think of it, without search engines internet would have been very different and so much more confusing. It’s absolutely amazing that with one single word you get millions of results and endless amounts of information.

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