Open post for Bullet Screen

I really get interested in the topic of week 4, I’d like to share with you guys an interesting thing about audience participation, I did research it on Google, but I only find the China and Japan have it, if you find out more, you can tell me.

Do you know “Bullet screen”? will you come up with this image??maxresdefault

But no, this is the “bullet screen”


“Bullet screen” or “dan mu” in Chinese, which allows viewers’ typed comments to zoom across the screen like bullets, is an emerging craze on online video sites in China and Japan, where it is popular mainly with its social interactivity. Audience participation is the most important part in Bullet screen, because audience will post or comment something in the screen so that makes bullet screen. The most interesting part for me is you can read those comments when you are watching films or TV series, it will make you feel like you are watching it with other people and sometimes you can share and comment each other and you can find lots of people has the same idea or mind with you. Moreover, it is quite interesting that some people notice you there will be a surprise in the film, for example, when I was watching “The Avengers 2”, some people use bullet screen to say “there will be a surprise, be prepare.”, then I realized that Black widow kissed Hulk. XDD  Of course, if you don’t want to read these text messages or you don’t want to be bothered by these words, you can turn it off.


But for me, I kind of enjoy watching movie with bullet screen, it is quite fun and sometimes some comments even better than the film.


Spotify Premium

When I was in China before, I can listening lots of music by use some music software, and I can listen all songs that they have and download on my phone or computer for free. But after I came to UK, I can’t use the software because the demand of partnership and region restrict, so I use Spotify now.


Spotify is easy to use, and it is very successful in music field right now. At the first time, I found out I just can listen music online, listen 30 mins ad free music, and I just can play the music list randomly, so I paid for Spotify Premium. People can try Spotify Premium for 30 days for free, and only 9.99 pounds per months after that, they have student discount by the way. It can make you play any songs and download the music then listen offline. Especially I can listen music with no ads, and better quality music.


If the music in Spotify are under strict copyright control and shared under a creative commons license, I think more people will use Spotify although huge amount people already use Spotify and Spotify premium just make listen music more convenient. If Spotify can download freely without paying, I think some people will take advantage of music of some singers, they will spread or share the music on the internet, it might be offend some singers.

Scales of 1 to 10, how visibility do i look?

Speaking of visibility on internet, I thought I might be quite visible if you research me, because I have my own personal accounts on lots of social media no matter it’s Chinese or English, sometimes I will fill my birthday or email, telephone number. But on the contrary, I research my name in Google or Baidu (a research tool like Google and Bing in China). Basically you can’t find some effective information about me. Yes, I do have facebook, but I don’t use my real Chinese name, instead I use my English name then add my last name. It’s not that I don’t want to, but people can’t pronounce right and they can’t remember my Chinese name because it’s kind of tricky.


What’s more, I don’t use my real name on Instagram or Twitter too, even some Chinese website like Weibo (very similar thing like Twitter). I will use something kind of strange as my name or something isn’t related with my personal at all, so I can say, if you don’t know me or close to me like my good friends or family, you can’t recognize my account. But I did research me on Google, I just find a slides that I made long time ago, and it’s because the college asked me to do my homework. And on Baidu, I found out my offers from some Chinese university and it was from my high school’s website, besides that you can’t find some effective information on me. I think it’s because I only use my real name in the university or something really important, I choose use fake name as my social media account but sometimes my classmates have problem to find me tho.

LinkedIn:mainly useful professional networking

Yes, when I think about online community, things such like Facebook and twitter are the first thing camp up my mind. But when I consider about positive impact, I want to use LinkedIn a more professional platform as my example in this post.


LinkedIn is a networking tool to offer place and make people find connections with job recommendation, industry experts and business partners. Until October 2015, LinkedIn has 400 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, and this site has more than 24 languages to offer people who from different countries. For personal, I didn’t use this site before, but some people told me if I want to find a job or want to know which subjects or areas are popular now, I can find it on LinkedIn. People can find a job, people and business opportunity can recommended by someone, and the community can share their experience and give advice to each other. In addition, employers can list jobs and find potential candidates, but the limitations of LinkedIn are also issues for people. Firstly, people need to the investment of time to wait the opportunity and chances. Some users may not be very active in the sites, so they may not very update with the information.

Jimmy Kimmel show live



Speaking of the ‘audience participation’, The Jimmy Kimmel Live is the first thing that comes up with my mind. I am sure that most of you guys watched the talk show online before. On January 16th, 2009, the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel was launched. In the first five years, the channel gathered more than 3.43 million subscribers and 789,000 video views. Jimmy Kimmel Live has few highlights that relate with audience participation. The first one is called “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy”, people will send the video about parents fooling their children into thinking they ate all their Halloween candy which filmed by themselves, they will chose some of them. This is the most expect thing after Halloween for my personal, and every time the video is hilarious and they are very popular on the social media or internet, because these videos are from audience, people always can see themselves on the show, and if without audience participation, I don’t think the show can be that good. With the effect of audiences, the video accumulated over 45 million views and 66,000 comments in 2 years.



What’s more, the show also has “Mean Tweets” which introduced a segment with various celebrities reading the insulting tweets directed at them from twitter, it’s not the audience of the show directly, but the twitter comments also from some audience. This segment is extremely popular, with 38 million views on Youtube since April 2015.


I think the audience participation is a significant role in these two segments of the show at least, because it’s all based on audience’s reactions, this show is not only use the audience participation to build the segments, but also they still encourage more audience to participate their show.

Instagram: Picture sharing

According to the statistics of DMR,  it’s already  have been 75 million  daily users in Instagram since January, 2016. People like to using Instagram because you can upload and show your pictures to those users or someone who you want to share, meanwhile the owners also can comments pictures of other users’ account. As people’s post demonstrates, social media are not just very helpful to someone who wants to building relationships with other users through platform, but also want to have a relationship with their site too. So that’s why it can explain some people really love to construct their own pages on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they want to and care about what the site does to their experience to online sociality.


For personally, I like to use Instagram most, because not only I can catch up my friends’ life but also some celebrities or some official account, so I can know lots of things about them. What’s more, I even can comment other people’s picture, so we can have a conversation or some connection. And if you want to have more followers or find something you are interested, you can use the hashtags, so you can let more people to see your pictures and you can see more pictures.

TED and Statistics

It’s a really hard topic for me this week, because I don’t know any online resource about ‘Network society and the News’ this module before, I always go to Google then research something. Therefore, I am just recommending some websites might not very relate with the topic. 😦


Like one year ago, when I tried to find something about my essay, then I found out there have lots of useful resource about technology, entertainment and other subjects like business and media in,  and you can watch some professional specialists have a speech about their professional subjects, their speech are very creative and definitely not boring, and you can also get new data information about some speech. What’s more, it’s slogan is “ideas worth spreading” and you can get lots of inspiration from their ideas.



Another one is about research data, my tutor told me once, if I want to find some databases, we can find data, statistics and consumers survey results, industry studies from more than 18,000 sources. You absolutely can find many different categories of data, for instance, they even have the national football league: super bowl wins by team 2016, so if you want to find data and statistics for your essay or presentation, this website can provide source for you.