The power of the web

When I was thinking what to dedicate the last open post to, I got absolutely lost in the amount of the overwhelming and exciting information that we came across on this module. However, I came to a conclusion that talking about the internet in general would be a good idea to round up. Just to think of how the internet has changed our everyday lives is mesmerizing. The internet gives a sense of complete freedom, without limitations, borders and fears that people have in reality. Nowadays, millions of people can’t even imagine their lives without the almighty web. All of the services and goods could be ordered through the internet without leaving the comfort of one’s home. Its pretty amazing to say the least, how the internet has developed throughout the past years. I still remember how difficult it was to connect to it during my childhood, which was in the end of 90’s and the progress that was made during these years is truly great. It was considered to be such a miracle, now though the internet is considered just a completely ordinary part of our every day routines. Moreover, the internet plays one of the biggest parts in developing world wide globalization, and this process is getting stronger by the minute. Definitely, the internet unites the world together. There are so many interesting facts about the internet, and while researching I came across a link that I would love to share with you.

I hope you will enjoy these facts and will find out some new and fun information for yourself about the thing that we cannot imagine our lives without today- the internet.


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  1. I also enjoy reminiscing on the past sometimes and what technology was back then when we were kids. Even in 2008 I wasn’t a heavy user of the Internet, I could live well without it but now it does feel like the Internet connection is more precious to me than some basic yet important things in life.
    The technological process is a helpful thing indeed but I’m actually very scared for our future generations. I sometimes ask my mother in all seriousness, ‘how did you survive without the Internet or mobile phones?’ when she tells me stories about her school life or something like that but then I realise that it’d be better if it stayed that way then what it’s like now. We’ve become so lazy and dependent on technology that it’s terrifying. I might sound like an old lady now but ‘kids these days…’; kids these days really don’t have a proper childhood. When we were 7, we played outside and had fun because not every house could afford a computer; now 7-year-olds chat with each other in their rooms because why would they bother to go out and play?
    It’s also interesting how hard it is for older generations to get used to the technology that we can’t live without. My father is in his late 40’s and he’s kind of alright, he knows how to use the internet, he chats with his friends after work, etc. But it took me and my sister a few weeks to teach our mother how to send sms and use whatsapp. She still can’t update apps on her phone nor she can do anything on the internet, apart from clicking on one of the tabs in her ‘favourites’ to read the news. Needless to say, all the tabs she enjoys clicking on were added by either my sister or me. Of course there’re exceptions and people in their 70’s can be as cool as youngsters at handling technology but the majority of older people keep feeling uncomfortable and prefer living like they used to before.
    I really hate to think that when our generation has children, they will definitely say the same thing I often tell my parents, “I’m so sorry for you, you had no Internet.” I can’t be the only one who’s scared of this, right?


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