The power of Google Drive


Technological convergence is described as a process which merges existing technologies in order to create a new form of media or applications. My technological convergence discovery of the year was Google Drive. Google drive is an online tool that was created by Google back in 2012. It allows users to store their data, share files, as well as edit documents, spreadsheets and create presentations with other users. Google Drive is a very useful synchronization service which has allowed me and other students to work on the same file at the same time, which means we could all be making changes and editing a presentation or a document instantly. Personally, I now use Google Docs, for every assignment that I receive, this is due to the fact that Google Docs allows me to edit my work on the go, with the use of my email and any smart device including mobile phone. When using smart devices it is possible to make the file available offline, therefore you will be able to work on your document whilst on the tube, where there is usually no internet connection.

So, have you heard about these application before and have you ever used them?

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  1. Google Drive is a blessing. It’s amazing how many online communities exist. Google Drive functions as a community and work tool in that you can make documents viewable and editable by groups. This advantage in technology has made connectivity so much easier for work. This app has allowed me to continue working for the company I assist in the US, while abroad for the semester. Not only is it useful for connectivity, but I have used it many times to back up my documents when having computer issues. It is amazing how changes in technology have been able to develop our work and everyday lives.

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  2. I find Google Drive very useful because it allows you to store so much onto their fast paced system simply by one click. I think it’s more convenient to use than other storage apps such as Dropbox because it provides more memory. Before I started using Google Drive, I would often lose my important files due to low power supply or more complex computer issues, but thanks to this easily -operated system, I no longer need to worry about my documents being erased as long as I keep a copy on there. I also find it useful when sending out large emails, because it allows us to send mass media files such as voice recordings even if the memory exceeds what the email would usually be able to hold.

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  3. Google Drive saves my life nowadays and I mean it. Because I live quite far away from uni, I dislike carrying my laptop everyday, one because it’s heavy and two because it’s too much of a hustle. Therefore, Google Drive helps me with doing my job. I usually just take a Mac on loan from uni or work at any other computer. It’s fast, easy and your work gets saved immediately. 10/10 would recommend.

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