Stolen privacy

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the online privacy. I did some researches after that and what I found freaked the **** out of me!

Basically there are some hackers that are able to hack your computer sending you an email or adding you on Skype or on some social-online-chats-whatever. Once they got into your personal laptop, they can have access to your webcam and your microphone, seeing every thing you do in front of your computer and listening to every word you say (in the area where the microphone can reach your voice of course).

I know it sounds like the plot of a horror movie, but unfortunately it is for real. The problem is that once they get into one computer, they can easily gain access to all the other computer that have something in common with that one (for example, if my computer is hacked, and a friend of mine comes over to my place and she connects with the same wifi I used, they can hack her computer as well passing through mine).                              Personally I don’t use online chats, nor I accept people that I don’t know on Skype, but who knows if someone in my University (so it is very likely that we’ve been connected to the same wifi line at least once) use those websites or accept people they don’t on some social networks?

Have you ever heard about it before? In the US there have been lots of cases like this. I got so scared that I sticked a piece of tape over my camera, I swear, and I’m not gonna take it off. No way.



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  1. I give it some thought back in the day that it could be real for hackers with advanced skills to do what you’ve described above but I’d never heard of that actually happening; it does sound extremely creepy! I’ve also noticed that people started to put tape over their webcams. Even when I come to lectures, there’s going to be at least one person somewhere very close to me with tape on the camera – this means that people are aware of the situation. My question here is: why would anyone hack your laptop in order to spy on you via the webcam? I mean, I can understand hacking with the purpose of stealing your credit card details or some secret information that only you possess, but what about simple people? What’s the point of spying on me while I’m browsing on the Internet with my emotionless face? Is it just another way for perverts to satisfy their needs or something? I’m not the smartest one when it comes to technological sides of things that’s why I have no idea how people can connect to your laptop without you noticing it. When the camera is on, there’s always a light next to it, isn’t it?
    Anyways, I’ve heard about a thing called ‘deep web’ which is literally the darkest place on the whole of Internet, where some abhorrent content is collected. I don’t remember where and when I read that, but there was a kind of a guide for ‘dummies’ on how to use this ‘deep web’ properly. Apart from downloading special software and browser extensions to have access to the ‘abhorrent content’, as I called it earlier, one should put layers of tape over their webcam and if they have enough skill, they should simply get rid of the camera just in case because even the software, which is supposed to protect the user, can’t guarantee that their laptops won’t be hacked. However, if you think about this, if you’re ready to enter the ‘deep web’ then you must be ready to face any consequences, and one of them is having your laptop tracked by some sneaky individuals.
    The more I analyse it and try to understand why would anyone do it, it sounds like a great tool for stalking celebrities or political figures. A lot of unwanted secrets might be revealed that way. But still, what about simple people? Sometimes I just don’t understand modern thinking.


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