Open Post: The Networked Self and Cyber Bullying

Throughout the whole course, we have discussed in all topics how people have used the internet and media to create a new personality or flourish their personality through online networks. In our seminar, we went over popular concerns such as catfishing and cyber bullying that have stemmed from the ability to create an external online identity. In today’s world, bullying has been extended to the internet which can be dangerous for many in that the bully is in a sense, protected anonymity due to the fact that your online identity can be easily¬†altered by using different names and photos, or on some sites you can even anonymously comment or post. It has gotten to the point where cyberbullying is such a problem that there are organizations and websites that are there for counseling. People always question whether our online connectivity is a blessing or a curse. While there are negatives like cyberbullying or the popular concern of technology killing human interaction, I feel that the internet and technology is what you make of it. It is a shame that people take advantage of the idea that the internet gives us the freedom to be whoever we want to be, but there are also many aspects of the networked self that bring us together in communities based on common interest, support or place.



  1. This is true that cyber bullying became a huge problem in modern days. It is sad how cruel people, mostly students could be towards others. I remember once I had a presnatation on bullying and cyber bullying included. Whilst making my study I was surprised by number of students who get bullied in the U.S. And everywhere else in the world. I believe that it is not fair for young users to be scared and be negatively affected by the use of social networks. I also think that social network management teams should take actions in order to prevent the growth of cyber bullies.


  2. Personally I’ve never been cyberbullied, but would completely lose trust in the internet if I had been. It would lead me to feel unsafe and untrustworthy to such online counselling sights because I would be cautious that someone anonymous is behind the keyboard. I still think that our online connectivity is a blessing, because of how much we can share with family and friends, especially those who are overseas. Most of my family reside in South East Asia and it’s because of online connectivity that I can share and show them so many of my experiences, like getting into University. However, for many, the internet has damaged their lives due to cyberbulling and such experiences undoubtedly leave scars. I agree with you that the internet and technology is what we make of it; we can choose to either embrace their blessings or hurt others – it’s a shame that so many choose the latter. Great open post!


  3. In my opinion the internet is bigger and broader version of society where people have access to anything they want.
    I agree with you that it is what people make it to be therefore I find cyber bullying an unnecessary (in many ways ridiculous) issue that only exists because society puts uncalled for pressures in people that make them, no only discriminate those they don’t know but also “bully” those that seem weaker. If people in general didn’t care about what others (whom they are not related to) think of them then I doubt that cyberbullying would exist and the one way to end it is to simply not care. As you mentioned, the cyber bullies are often protected by hiding behind a screen therefore they can’t physically hurt you, what they can do it make you hurt yourself. In my opinion the best way to end this issue is to promote self-confident and respect for others among young people and then maybe the word cyberbullying (and even bullying) will become archaic.


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