Craigslist Inc.

For those who have not heard of it, is an advertising website mostly operating on local basis. The idea started in San Francisco Bay in 1995, by now over 700 cities in 70 countries have a cragslist page. The special thing about craigslist is that you can advertise pretty much anything, from housing and resale to personal adds such as “man looking for woman” ect. The website is the most popular in America where it originated, however it also has a large following in Latin American countries in particular. What I find particularly intriguing is that this website has taken the web to it’s original purpose, connecting people within a community.Whilst many websites of this nature are focused on connecting people over long distances craigslist limits this to city-specific parameters and it still works. Craigslist users are themselves often described as a community effectively making them a community within a community. I find it fascinating how that proves that we are always looking for ways to make is easier to communicate with each other.This makes me consider that perhaps the internet is in fact a natural evolutionary development for human beings as a species.

The website has inspired the media industry too, being the leading theme of two documentaries ‘Craigslist Joe’ and ’24 hours on Craigslist’ as well as a song by Wierd Al Yankovic titled Craigslist.





  1. Definitely found it awesome that you were able to make a valid point on how Craigslist inspired the media industry. Though I’ve watched “Craigslist Joe,” I wouldn’t have thought to make that connection. Because I’ve only used Craigslist to purchase random stuff – most recently a Yamaha keyboard- I’ve honestly never noticed all the other sections that it has like,”jokes, gigs, frugal, vegan,” etc. until now that I went on and carefully scanned the homepage.


  2. The most striking point you made in the blog post for me is how you believe that the internet is part our natural evolution as human beings. I don’t think scientifically it’s possible for the internet to be apart of our evolutionary path but I would agree that communication and communities are part of our being and that this will remain through evolution. I just think that the progression of technology leading up to the creation of the internet gives human beings another way, a better way of being part of a community.


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