Back In My Day…

For this post, I’d like to backtrack to the first week of this seminar where we listed the pros and cons of the technological and internet advances. We listed how the internet has given us easy access to endless information with only a few simple clicks on our keyboard, which could ultimately serve as a learning tool. On the other hand, we spoke about how the internet and our online presence detaches us from the real world around us. Many of us become so consumed by our smartphones and tablets that we freak out a little if our phone dies midway through our family dinner because then we might have to…talk to each other, and who would want to do that in 2016?  We also touched on the frightening phenomenon of cyber bullying.

When I think of all this- the pros and the cons- I think of how differently my younger sister, 13, grew up compared to me. We’re only 8 years apart, however, *old lady voice* back in my day, I didn’t have access to all that she has. Every time she complains about homework assignments, I realize how much easier she really does have it compared to me. Granted, I had a computer growing up, but it only ran at about a 1/4 of the speed that her Macbook does. I also feel that Generation Z grew up way too fast due to social media. Which I notice when my sister says “hey, look at this, isn’t this hilarious?” and proceeds to flip her phone my way to me a funny video she found on Instagram. When I was her age I used to spend maybe an hour at most online, and the rest of my free time outside riding bikes with my friends.

This video I found online breaks down the impact of technology on children –

What do you think of this video? What are some things that kids do now a days that really makes you feel “old” ?



  1. We are extremely lucky to be millennials. I loved my childhood, staying outside playing with my friends, playing sports and just having fun.
    Nowadays some children play on computers, tablets and phones all day or they watch TV, instead of going outside and playing with friends. This has such a negative impact on them. They lack in communication skills, they have a limited amount of social relationships and most importantly they are growing up faster than they should seeing as they have access to the Internet where everything can be found.
    Because they don’t exercise as much as they should or not at all they are prone to obesity and other conditions. A study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics states that the risk of childhood obesity rises up to 60% when kids watch 1 hour of TV. This is so socking.


  2. I agree with Laura ^, we had the perfect combination of the traditional way of growing up combined with the evolution of technology.
    I can see the way this is affecting the new generations in my own family, my nephew who is going on 14 years old this year is so engrossed in his social media profiles and gaming that he doesn’t go outside to play as frequently as he did when he was 11 or 12. And when he does they don’t play, they go to the park to hang out and check out girls. It’s sad in a way because i can’t help but think of how terrible it will be for our children, when the internet will be their ‘norm’ of living and we will have to try and persuade them into doing outdoor activities.


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