Webcam hacking.

cr:ZBros Productions

This short film was inspired by a true story and even though this movie was obviously set up in the most self-evident way, the issue of webcam hacking  through malware is a real problem that a lot of people deal with or are paranoid on. To the level that they install tools such as ‘Camera lock’, ‘Microphone lock’ and many others, in order to feel protected.

I believe this relates to Week 6’s post on Online visibility as it relates to privacy. If we were to think about it, it’s common to think that since it is our personal item, nobody should have access to any information it contains without our permission. But programs to hack into any computer are available everywhere on the Internet, from tutorials to people that would do it in seconds.

In the last few years it aggravated substantially and it does not show any sign of stopping as we are advancing in technology, all we can do it try and protect ourselves the best we can.

Personally, even if I have been aware of this problem for quite some time, I never put a sticker or a post-it on my laptop’s webcam, but I do have a lot of friends that do so.

So what can you do to protect yourself? If you have a PC and an external camera you need to set the firewall properly, always scan your computer for malwares and the easiest of them all, put something over it.

Others cases here and  here.






  1. Have you watched the horror movie ‘Unfriended’? That made me extremely paranoid, not just about someone watching me through my webcam, but someone also following my internet usage, texts, mails and all!
    But, webcam hacking is one of the easiest ways to hack someone. People go to extents where they have hidden their webcam with tape etc to avoid being looked at.
    Remember the app ‘Talking Angela’ and the stories that a someone was watching people play its game through their webcams. (more info here: )
    Overall, I feel that although that there are plenty of scare stories in regards to webcam and phone camera hackings, we should take precautions. The Norton site has good information on helping you be more aware of your camera usage. (link: But, we should be more vigilant when allowing apps to use our cameras because, we are responsible for how we use our devices.

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  2. I used to stick a post-it on my laptop’s camera but I stopped because i had to change it very often since i was using the camera daily. It was a waste of post-its.
    I too am panicked about this issue and i am careful when changing for example to not be in the range of the camera, because you never know.
    It is irritating that this issue is not being tackled. It is such a serious invasion of privacy.
    Last year I saw a movie called Cyberbully, where a person hacked into a girl’s computer and camera and threatened her to leak nude photos of her in order to punish her for bullying another girl. The person on the other end could see every move she made, making it impossible for her to get help.

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  3. This is horrible, I really can’t image that some people hacked your computer and use the camera to watch your life and actions. I didn’t use the stick on the lap-top camera, but I will consider to do that after haha. But firewall is the most useful thing to this problem, also I think maybe if we don’t use the lap-top, we should close the lap-top, it may help.

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  4. I actually just became aware of this as a mainstream issue a few days ago, when I saw a friend of mine with a sticker over the camera on her laptop. I used to laugh at the notion, thinking only my mom would think someone could watch her over the internet. But now I definitely understand the paranoia associated with online visibility, especially with the presence of innovations in technology and how they are being used. It’s hard to say what measures I would go to to decrease my risk of being hacked because of course I want to be safe but I also don’t want to live in fear of the internet.

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  5. I have read a vice article on this topic a few month ago. Here’s the link:
    It tells the story of a girl who was sent pictures of herself taken through her webcam by a hacker. The story terrified me, the thought of someone watching me at home and obtaining my images of me without my knowledge sent shivers down my spine… It’s really the problem of the future.


  6. I was shocked by this mini film which illustrates the danger we all potentially have in our everyday life. I started to realize I need to protect myself from being hacked, watched, tracked and everything. Just because the technology nowadays can achieve almost everything. Online privacy is still a difficult issue to be tackled with as advanced technologies which have ben constantly invented and illegal used by criminals. I really desire a sense of security when I live my life online.


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