Why do some people (still) exist?

During this module, I realised that, regardless of my feelings towards them,  new technologies and the internet are important in the way I communicate with people and without them it would be much difficult for me to do so.

I still believe that many of the products available for consumption had no purpose of being created aside from generating capital and that we don’t need to be connected all the time, however I came across a reality that amazed me.

The Democratic Republic of Korea, which of democratic has nothing, is a place where people are brainwashed into worshiping someone with very little value that is commonly known as “The Great Leader”. North Korea’s political regime is a dictatorship however it seems more oppressive than any dictatorship I’ve studied.

It’s arguably the most purposely isolated country in the world. North Koreans aren’t allowed to leave the country, failure in attempting to do so will get them killed in a public ceremony. All its known is that America, China and, most importantly, The Republic of Korea are the enemies.

In my understanding, only a few government officials have knowledge of and access to the internet. Computer majors don’t know of it; getting in contact with the rest of the world is unimaginable.

I can’t begin to imagine how it is to be told what to think; not knowing what critical thinking is. The reality of most North Koreans enrages me not just because they don’t have access to the outside world but because they are treated as slaves.

Below is a video of a North Korean who has fled the country.

*As this post is public now I will be moving to a secure location.


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