The side we never learn about

It’s all good and well talking about the benefits of the Internet but I don’t think we ever really talk about the dangers thoroughly enough. In school, I was never really taught about Internet safety and what we should and should not do, we were simply expected to just know.

Whilst the Internet provides us with plenty of platforms to meet new people, be it for friendship or a relationship, and yet we are never warned about the dangers of doing so. Online, we can be whoever we want to be. So why are we so trusting of the people we are talking to when we know full well anyone ca change their name and use others’ photos?

Furthermore, the amount of information the Internet has about us is truly scary. I was only made aware of this from this University module and at this point it is already too late to remove this information. Anyone is able to access this information and it is therefore easier for predators to find us, stalk us or even approach us directly.

Nowadays, kids are using the Internet at a younger age than ever. It is for this reason that I feel schools need to warn children of Internet dangers earlier and it is their responsibility to teach them ways to be more  “Internet smart.” For example, their could be a dedicated Internet Safety day where all school children are taken out of their usual timetabled classes and instead have lectures on ways to be safe online.



  1. I agree with you when you say that the amount of information the Internet has about us is truly scary! However, unlike you, i’ve always known about this. Although for example, you’re learning about cookies only recently- we’ve been tracked on the internet ever since it began. I can somewhat say that, the internet knows more about me than i do about myself, and thats whats super scary!

    Read this article:

    It gives a funny spin to what you’ve been saying and highlights some of your points too.


  2. I think that the last idea that you have suggested could work really well. I don’t understand the fact this kind of educative event has not been introduced to schools yet. Also, I am very surprised by the fact that there are so many youngsters searching the webs and owning a social network page. When I was younger I was only allowed to have two social networks, once I turned 12!! It is funny to see them kids uploading photos of them and their friends, as well as generally making any posts. I believe that parents should restrict their kids from using social networks or web in general until they reach a certain age.


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