The Power of Documentation

For this open post, I’d like to go back to Week 8’s topic of Online Visibility.  In that particular post, I wrote that I don’t like to share a lot of my personal life on social media. However, since then I have come across many YouTube channels in which the users share a lot of their activities and experiences online.  These include going to the seaside, getting parts of a house refurbished, baking cakes and much more.  Watching a few of these videos got me thinking about the treasures that come with such heavy documentation.  By recording the simple pleasures of everyday life, such moments are immortalised forever.

There are many benefits that come with filming, or ‘vlogging’ daily activities, and many parents enjoy capturing their children growing up.  As a child I was often filmed by my parents when I went to theme parks, had my meals and got ready for school.  These videos were never put online, because major social media organisations such as Facebook were not in existence yet.  But nowadays, with so many platforms to make yourself visible on, sharing personal media has become incredibly easy and almost irresistible.

I recently found a blog and YouTube channel hosted by a pregnant mother-of-two, in which she regularly uploads videos of her children’s ordinary lives.  She also uploads house tours and shares her trying to conceive journey as well as pregnancy updates.  I admire her detailed channel because she has managed to capture so many moments in time that would have otherwise been forgotten in the blink of an eye.  You can take a look at her blog here and channel here.

Sharing personal life online has its benefits; it informs and entertains, can provide financial support and encourages others to also document their special moments. Looking through the channels that I found has made me want to create an online terminal to store my own personal experiences such as travelling.  It’s being willing to share so much that can be an issue.

I’d love to know what  you think about publicly sharing such mass content online.  Would you consider blogging and vlogging as a full-time career?  Would you be comfortable with opening a large window into your everyday life?  Where would you draw the line?



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  1. well, I personally followed some of Youtube channel like you said, but i never watched the whole video about it, maybe because it’s other people’s life. I mean I’d love to take videos about something very important or interesting to me, it is very memorable that when i grow up or older to look back my life, but i probably won‘t post online and share with other people, cause it’s kind of private, but it’s nice to watch other people’s video about it.


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