Open post, open mind


Week 6 had discussions in the lecture and the seminars talking about “online visibility”. I remember talking to my peers after class in regards to this- how open they felt they were online. Some said they felt that their visibility was ‘good’ enough for them- that they could pick and choose what was on their profile and what they wanted removed. They also said that they felt better about having a voice online. For example, their Twitter rants are no longer rants but people read, follow them and take into consideration what they say. However, some said that they felt insecure about what was posted online. They felt no or very little need to be at all prominent online or use their online voices to express themselves.

A Huffington Post article entitled ‘We Are Visible: Mark Horvath Launches Website To Empower The Homeless With Social Media’ talks about a new website created in order to help homeless people reconnect or connect with friends and family. The article went on to state that, ‘Homeless services are broken. The best way to change them is to let the people we serve have a voice.” However, the argument is that homeless people are always going to be at the lower end of the hierarchy triangle whilst the top is always occupied by the 1%.


Overall, online visibility for me is not just who can see what on my Facebook or wether my Instagram is private or not. Rather, it is about giving people a voice and a opinion online. It is about letting people, anonymous or not to speak out about issues and thoughts.


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