Open post for Bullet Screen

I really get interested in the topic of week 4, I’d like to share with you guys an interesting thing about audience participation, I did research it on Google, but I only find the China and Japan have it, if you find out more, you can tell me.

Do you know “Bullet screen”? will you come up with this image??maxresdefault

But no, this is the “bullet screen”


“Bullet screen” or “dan mu” in Chinese, which allows viewers’ typed comments to zoom across the screen like bullets, is an emerging craze on online video sites in China and Japan, where it is popular mainly with its social interactivity. Audience participation is the most important part in Bullet screen, because audience will post or comment something in the screen so that makes bullet screen. The most interesting part for me is you can read those comments when you are watching films or TV series, it will make you feel like you are watching it with other people and sometimes you can share and comment each other and you can find lots of people has the same idea or mind with you. Moreover, it is quite interesting that some people notice you there will be a surprise in the film, for example, when I was watching “The Avengers 2”, some people use bullet screen to say “there will be a surprise, be prepare.”, then I realized that Black widow kissed Hulk. XDD  Of course, if you don’t want to read these text messages or you don’t want to be bothered by these words, you can turn it off.


But for me, I kind of enjoy watching movie with bullet screen, it is quite fun and sometimes some comments even better than the film.



  1. Hi there! I just instantly spotted the ‘screen bullet’ image when I was browsing the page, because I read Chinese and I’m from China. ”Dan mu” are popular in most of the movies and TC programmes played on video websites on the Internet. Different to you, I find them quite annoying sometimes as I see people bullying the characters in the movie by offensive language which distracts my attention a lot. That’s the reason why I always turn off ”Dan mu” every time when I’m watching videos. However, there are exceptions when I don’t follow the plot or have any questions about the movie that I will also turn on the ”Dan mu” to ask other people and figure it out. This ”Bullet screen” case study could also be applied in Week 4 topic ”Audience Participation.”


  2. I’ve never heard of this before but it could definitely change the way we consume media if “Dan Mu” made its way into mainstream streaming habits. It directly applies to the notion of audience participation and media convergence in some sense. By allowing users to comment on the screen, in real time, the application takes something previously created, like a movie for instance, and allows for it to be transformed and reimagined via the stream of audience created content. This could be a really cool application for new media art and things in that realm which are really taking off nowadays.


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