Netflix… I believe everyone is very familiar to what this website has to offer and just how popular it is. Additionally, it is a great example of a website that you have to pay for in order to enjoy it’s content. The monthly subscription fee to it is £7,49 per month and this price instantly gains it’s users access to an endless number of movies, television series and much more. In fact, in order to get a taste of how good the website is, Netflix offers it’s new potential users a trial, free of charge month which is just the needed amount of time for developing an addiction to Netflix. The website offers a great variety of media content that is in perfect quality, with subtitles if desired and all other perks that make the viewer enjoy the experience in full. Of course, not everyone is happy to pay almost £8 every month for what could be potentially accessed on other websites for free. But then again, the price that Netflix charges promises that it will be payed back by offering the best of content and most importantly, all the movies and tv series you could ever want are combined in one place. So why look any further? I think that if Netflix was free to access, it would have been much different to what it is now and the quality of the content would have been a lot worse. And to think of all the copyright and piracy troubles that could have been… Therefore, it’s a very reliable and generally convenient platform to use, even overlooking the subscription fee.


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