The Life of Pablo

On February, 14th of this year Kanye West released his new album “The Life of Pablo”. Unfortunately, not everybody had the chance to listen it because Kanye released his album on TIDAL only. TIDAL is a music streaming service based on a membership subscription only. If you are not a member, you can’t have the pleasure of listening to Kanye’s new songs.

TIDAL is own by Jay-Z and some other artists as minor investors. Jay-Z believes that Spotify, the known music streaming app, exploits the artists; if you buy the membership on Spotify, a part of the money goes to the artist but a big percentage goes to the app itself to pay for the service.

Several artists as Rihanna, T.I, Beyonce, Kanye West and many others started releasing their new hits on TIDAL only, as a marketing strategy in order to re-launch the app.

I think that TIDAL is  the perfect example of a website where you have to pay in order to have the access to some data. I think that it works somehow.. But it depends from the situations. Rumor has it that Kanye lost almost 10 million dollars not releasing the album like on iunes or Spotify; the first day after the release over 500’000 copies has been illegally downloaded from the Internet.




  1. I really enjoy Kanye West’s music however, it seems like i am more and more unable to thoroughly enjoy it. He’s given the statement that he will no longer produce his music on CD’s and everything will be online. Furthermore, he’s also currently updating his new album. See:
    And quite frankly, i detest this as i feel that once a artist has created and brought out an album, they should stick to that. I feel that i should enjoy an album without restraints of signing up to Tidal or paying to listen to it. What do you feel?


  2. I’ve never really liked Kanye West and I don’t believe he should be releasing his album solely on 1 particular platform like Tidal. Music is supposed to be something that is universal and available to all. If what you say is true, and you can only access the music by paying than surely he is limiting his music to Tidal and promoting the completely opposite to universality.


  3. I’m not very familiar with TIDAL but from what you have introduced, I assume it is a music releasing platform for just some certain super popular stars like Rihanna, T.I, Beyonce and Kanye West. I would say super stars like them have the influence to make the audience and fans pay and join the membership as they have tons of thousands of fans who are crazy about them and willing to spend money on the membership and raise awareness of the the platform. This perfectly suits the super stars’ initiatives which are advertising their new works.Whereas it seems a totally different situation on other platforms such as iTunes where almost all sorts of music albums are available to be downloaded(of course you need to pay for the items as well). Because it is not for marketing purposes, it is to generate profits from getting people actually download the music. So I wouldn’t compare this two different entities together as they have different natures.


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