The Obvious One: Netflix 


For me, Netflix is the first example I think of for this blog post, it is a paid service that relies heavily on the money is receives through its users. Although I can’t know for sure what would happen if Netflix went under a CC license and could be consumed easily and for free, I can take an educated guess that would mean bad news for the company. Although new users a greeted with a free trial month, it is clear that Netflix needs the revenue from it’s users to stay alive and grow like it has been more recently. To begin with, Netflix allowed its users to watch films and television shows that it had bought the rights to, but as time has gone on and Netflix has become more popular, it has been profiting from original Netflix products like “Orange is the New Black”. Netflix wouldn’t be able to fund these productions without the revenue it gains from paying users. With the recent release of “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” it is clear that Netflix is making waves in the media industry, partnering up with a biggie like Marvel and therefore Disney, it is expected that this would help financially but would they have agreed to work together if Disney didn’t see a profit in the user numbers?



  1. Netflix provides a lot of content but what’s annoying is that it still doesn’t have a lot of things I’d like to watch. Like, I pay monthly but I can’t even find what I’m looking for. That’s very frustrating. However, what’s worse is when you start watching something and Netflix haven’t bought the rest of the show, so you kind of have to sit there and wait; or go search the rest on other websites. This happened to me a few times when everything was going great, a good show in high quality – thank you Netflix – but then it was all over, so I had to go on free websites with lots of pop-ups and watch the rest there. It’s nice to have good quality but if I can find the same thing elsewhere and it won’t finish in the middle of a season, why should I pay the monthly Netflix fee? In addition to this, this site doesn’t even work in all countries. It started to expand but it’s still quite limited. I don’t really understand why this is still an issue. I personally believe that Netflix could’ve worked harder for people who pay money to the company and let them exist.


  2. Netflix thrives as a company only on the back of a collective frustration with pop-up advertisement. As a service, it is nothing original as essentially it is simply the equivalent of online shopping but for DVD rental. You can get want you want-ish, depending on your region-specific media licence just like you could only get the DVD’s that were on the shelves of your local DVD rental place, back in the days. The only reason you pay for Netflix is so they don’t have to get money from the advertisement they inflict on you. Netflix without a fee would not have made it this far.


  3. Think back to 10 years ago when illegal p2p distributions of media content were rampant to the point that it was the most obvious channel for downloading. When I think about the amount of money consumers spend on Itunes and Netflix,while I lament the depreciation of financial value to creative contents, I still marvel at the integrity of the users that are willing to pay for products that are obviously a google search away from free availability. I don’t have a netflix account because the site doesn’t offer a wide range of movies or shows that I pay to watch but I think its initiative as well as the movement it created on the outlook of illegal downloading must be praised.


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