I believe this is a solid example even though we may find those movies somewhere online illegally. There is something extremely satisfying about Netflix, it’s ‘ability’ to find movies and TV shows on my liking and to be there for me for 3 days in a row.

Netflix is easy, it’s accessible and it does enough for its money worth. And their advertising works perfectly because after the free month that you can get, you will get so used to it that you will most definitely pay and extent your stay.

If these films that are under strict copyright control would be shared under a Creative Commons license and free of charge many more people would have an account, but their success is already massive which would not affect grandly their financial department. Movies and TV shows are uploaded as fast as lighting on it, even if it aired less that half an hour ago, and that is only because they have bought the rights to do so.If it were to not be under Creative Commons, it would not exist.

Even though Netflix is a Creative Commons license and these movies are allowed on the internet for our entertainment, whenever and whatever, in change of a appropriate amount of money, leaking films and so, obviously do not help them, but hence their quality will always out-do any other website, Netflix deserves the love it gets.




  1. For some reason I was more inclined to shift my focus toward the music industry when hearing about copyright, however, I really like this example! I completely agree that Netflix offers a very reasonable price for their services. I used to illegally download movies, but it became an annoying, tedious process so I ended up just getting Neflix. I am very happy that I don’t have to go searching online anymore for movie links that 9 times out of 10 will usually just lead to an excess of popups….and no movie.


  2. I think that Netflix is a really good example for copyright. I love Netflix and ever since I got here I subscribed to them because I hate to watch series on “illegal” sites because of the ads and the poor quality of the videos. And for not having that, I really appreciate Netflix. The thing is they take copyrights very seriously and this means that all the new episodes that are not “Netflix original series” are posted when the season of the show ends and it makes me feel like I am losing the pleasure of watching a series. But I think that for TV shows that have ended and for movies, this is a great and LEGAL service.


  3. I struggled to find something under copyright on the internet, to be completely honest. This is because we can get access to anything we want if we know “how to work the system”, we would be doing something illegal however there’s not much regulation online to prevent people from accessing web pages where they can watch films and tv series for free.
    Netflix is a great example, however, of copyrighted content and it is, as you mentioned, reasonable when it comes to it’s cost. I feel as though that the service would have many more subscribers if it was freely available, but taking into account the success it’s had so far, it would be as profitable.


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