Movies on YouTube

Missed the chance to see a film in the cinema? Don’t want to buy the expensive DVD?  You immediately browse on YouTube for the movie.  Been there, done that.

YouTube offers movies to be watched with purchase, ranging from £2.49 to beyond £10, depending when the film was released.  It is possible to watch movies that are still being shown in cinemas.  It’s very rare that you’d be able to watch a full movie entirely free of charge on YouTube.  Movies range from biographical dramas such as Steve Jobs and He Named Me Malala to animated films including Inside Out and Big Hero 6. I suppose this is one of the ways that the company, managed by Google, tries to make a profit.

Although it can be frustrating when not being able to locate what you want to watch online, I think it’s fair that such movies need to be paid for, especially if they have been newly released.  If they were not copyright, many would be taking advantage of them and cinemas would not be as successful.  I have been lucky enough in the past to watch full popular movies on YouTube for free, but I know that such occasions were just from luck, and these movies are taken down shortly after being uploaded.

Many people already use YouTube to download music illegally, so I think it’s acceptable that movies are restricted to certain scenes.  Although YouTube is a Creative Commons license, allowing these movies to be viewed free of charge would raise heavy concerns about box office profit and piracy.




  1. I didn’t know you could watch movies on YouTube with purchase. I thought you could only find older movies to watch for free on YouTube.
    I wouldn’t buy a film on YouTube, i’d rather go to the cinema or watch it on Netflix because it’s more convenient to pay a cheap monthly subscription rather than buying just one movie.
    I agree with you though that allowing these movies to be watched for free would seriously affect cinemas and box office profit because less people would go to the cinema or buy a movie.


  2. I can not believe that I am saying this but God, I hate YouTube for this. In a world in witch Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Go are fighting for clients, here comes YouTube with a rather useless service and a way of making money. Like Laura said, I would much rather go to the cinema or wait a bit longer for movies to be posted elsewhere than to pay a huge amount of money just to see ONE movie in my home. Will they come to my room and bring me popcorn or a blanket, or tissues to wipe my tears? They wouldn’t but they should for the obscene amount of money that they are asking for a single movie.

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