Have you heard of Behance?


Behance is a part of Adobe family, it is an online platform for creative people to upload their creative works and share it with the world. Users are able to discover works of others, work and collaborate with other projects and improve the creative industry. Behance website says “…we’re crafting the future of creative workflow.”. Behance is a good example of Creative Commons, it is specialised in self-promotion, which includes consulting and online portfolios. It is an example of Creative Commons, because it is a non-profit organisation which allows other users to legally built upon existing creative works. I believe that it would have been almost impossible for companies to discover creative talents, if this website was put under strict copyright control. Strict copyright control would have made site’s opportunities limited. Users and companies would be restricted on certain content of creative projects, thus they would not be able to get the full impression of the creator’s idea. Copyright control may  also lead to loss of interest and decrease of number of site users. On the other hand, copyright control might make the website more professional and will guarantee protection and authenticity of the creative projects.

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  1. I’ve never heard of Behance before but it sounds like one of the dozens of sharing platforms, like Deviantart, Pixiv, Flickr, Tumblr etc. I wonder if it’s actually popular among artists and employers.
    The problem of these sites is that original works can be easily stolen and claimed by others. I know a few platforms where you can’t save a photo to your computer or whatever device you’re using, however you can always take a screenshot and here you go – you have the original artwork and you can do whatever you want with it. I’d come across Instagram accounts with stolen artworks a few times and I noticed that people in the comments never questioned those works. They really believed that those pieces were created by the one who posted them, especially if the original creator didn’t have an Instagram account, which is really unfair if you think about it.
    I agree with the point you made in the last sentence about the website being more professional. Although it looks like now people start to reevaluate the role of artists and their hard work, and more pictures around Tumblr or Twitter (or any other social network) have an original source mentioned in the post – still, the amount of stolen artworks prevails that’s why I think that strict copyright would be a fair thing to do towards artists.

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