Amazon Prime (and TV) is great. But only if you pay for it. That’s £5.99 p/m. But that means that you get a lot more than what you’ve bargained for.

You get free one day delivery, which many usual amazon customers only dream of getting. They’d be lucky if they got their parcel delivered within 5-7 working days. Moreover and the most important of the online subscription is that of Amazon TV. Amazon TV is under strict copyright restrictions and the creative commons license means that Amazon is able to freely distribute work, films and tv shows that would be copyrighted. Alike to Netflix, Amazon is under strict control. There are advantages to this meaning that people can access work that would usually be copyrighted and the creator would put a strict lock on the sharing and use of their work. However, the negative to this is that users of Amazon TV and Prime are declining. Pirating and instant downloads are now available more and more to the general audience. Even though I have both Netflix and Amazon, i am still guilty of using other sites to watch films that have just come out. Or watching TV shows that are new and not yet available on Amazon TV. And I know many of you are too…

So, in conclusion Amazon Prime is a great idea however it can be said that it is a little unrealistic as people always find ways of breaking the barriers and finding new ways not to pay for it. So, although the creative commons licence protects artists work, someone can always pirate it and make it available for others.



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