Online Newspapers & Subscriptions

In today’s world, newspapers have been making the switch to be available online as opposed to in paper. Because of this, there has been a shift in the way they can profit. Aside from the use of profiting from advertisements on their page, many papers such as The New York Times will not allow you to view more than a certain number of articles without paying for a subscription. If it was shared as a commons license which allows for free distribution, it would be widely used and people would read this paper instead of others that require a subscription. At the same time, the paper would have to rely on other forms of profit like solely using advertisement profits. Even with these restrictions, many still jump around this copyright limitation with tactics such as using a different computer. If it was put under strict copyright control, it is safe to assume that many would resort to a different news source. Papers are one of the outlets of media that has had to keep up with the change in technology and adapt to internet news access. With this, copyright licenses may or may not be in their favor when attempting to still be a profitable business.



  1. This is quite an interesting take on the blog subject, thank you for your post. With a lot of online companies and businesses, it makes sense for them to have copyright restrictions, because there are a limited amount of ways to access what that certain company can offer to the user. However, news is easily one of the most accessible and free materials online, so for online newspapers to try and work their way through this shift in technology, is it more or less profitable to create subscription fees and restrictions?


    • I agree that with news so easily accessed through different free sources online, newspapers and news media have been having to make a switch in technology. I don’t think subscriptions always work to be profitable because like most things on the internet, people find a way around paying for it, or will resort to a different free source. It is interesting how change in technology has forced certain businesses/media to change completely as an industry.


  2. Well, this is an interesting topic. I personally barely subscribe online newspaper or magazine, maybe i just read about little bit article online, if i get interested in this magazine, i will buy it as form of paper, because I want to collect it. Also if someone saw a good article on internet,if the article needs to online subscribe it, they will buy it and publish it online and share with people, but they said where is the article from and mark the magazine, do u think it’s still a problem about copyright??


  3. I’m personally not subscribed to The New York Times online so i have often found myself in the same situation – wanting to move onto the next article and not being able to once I reached my free limit. I understand the argument about news being so easily accessible and the NYT needing to adapt to this and make their stories open to the public, but on the other hand it’s important to look at the paper as a whole – they don’t just cover news, they have profiles, human interest stories, music reviews, columns, etc. all of which are unique to the publication and are essentially what make it the world’s most famous newspaper. So, I don’t think that people will just use another source if the NYT doesn’t open up their distribution.


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