Yeah yeah, Tumblr again.

As it is an open post, I want to come back to week 5 and talk about online communities. I think this was the most interesting week for me because my whole life is on the internet, inside online communities, that’s why it was nice to hear others’ opinions on this matter.

I personally believe that Tumblr is one of the best websites out there and, apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks the same way as there’ve been plenty of posts about it. But why is it so good? What’s so special about it? I have no idea but it just feels nice for some reason and it’s very addictive. It’s impossible to remember how many times I said to myself, ‘Just 3 minutes to find that one picture’ and then spent 5 hours looking at baby alpacas.

As I wrote earlier in my other post, I’ve never seen a mean or a rude comment. I’ve seen screenshots which were supposed to be funny but I actually never saw a real one myself. This makes me assume that it does depend on the community, but how right am I? There’re both positive and negative people in all communities but why some fandoms’ members are ruder than others? Can one rude comment define the whole fandom? I don’t know, I haven’t found my answers to this yet but what I know is that my profile is a lovely place full of rainbows; therefore it’s no wonder people I follow and who follow me back are the same.


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  1. Thanks for this entry, I also talked about Tumblr for my Online Communities blog post, so I find this as interesting as you do. I would say that Tumblr is a small world, a sample of humanity and as there are many different sides to Tumblr, many different types of people will become users of it. This means that we can’t just assume that Tumblr itself is a great online community, because it’s a collection of communities. There’s artists, poets, media fans, trolls etc. and some of them will be lovely people and some won’t. As a user it’s up to you to create a community around you that you find positive, that means creating an account that is full of rainbows and sloth memes and then making sure to only follow users like your own.
    In my opinion, I think you can’t say whether Tumblr is a positive example of an Online Community just as much as you can’t say whether England is a positive example of a country. It’s impossible to define a community made up of people, because they’re all different.


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