YouTube Red, I’m unfriending you from my life.

The thing about YouTube Red is: once you pay $10 (it’s a monthly subscription fee), you get access to not only the usual content but also original series with some of the biggest YouTubers acting there + more music and a so-called “background play” feature which allows to close the video (if it’s watched in an app) but still listen to its audio. However, the coolest thing is that you watch whatever you want with no annoying ads popping out every 5 minutes. Seems like it’s worth its money at first but then if you think about it, it’s not that cool. Maybe for a viewer but definitely not for content creators. YouTubers make their money out of the amount of views and the ads that are featured in their videos but when it comes to YouTube Red, you can watch the same content as others but every time you do, you kind of take a penny out of your favourite YouTuber’s pocket, which doesn’t seem fair whatsoever. Although ads might be annoying sometimes, I’d rather wait 30 seconds than pay $10 every month for the website which is originally free. Sooner or later those ‘exclusive’ series are going to be stolen by somebody and uploaded on pirate websites and Google won’t be able to do anything about it. “Copyright” does sound like a scary word but people don’t seem to care too much because free content is always more appealing than respecting and paying for others’ work.


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  1. Your blog post has finally cleared the term YouTube red, I have previously seen these term but was too lazy to go and check out what it is. I totally agree with the fact that it is kind of redicilous to pay for the website that was originally for free. I think it would have been a good idea to create another web platform for this type of content. Also, it is true that at some point most if not all of the content there will be uploaded onto private websites, so what is the point of spending your money when at some point you will be able to watch it for free


  2. It’s funny how as consumers, we immediately take for granted the benefits of technology but shun out the ethical (and on many occasions, legal) ramifications of these benefits. When YouTube progressed into a channel for music videos, the users were able to enjoy free music until the surfacing of Vevo that took advantage of this trend to collect and distribute copyrights for official music videos. Artists are essentially paying to have their music listened to rather than the other way around On that note, I think our peeve for Youtube Red is inevitable but at the same time, pretty swlfish. But then again, I bleive that our selfishness as consumers makes room for business entrepreneurship -somehow contributing to capitalism.


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