Online Visibility

Like most people my age in today’s society, I am readily available online. I have information available online including pictures of places I have been as well as pictures of my friends and I, the general area that I am from, my birthdate, and places I have worked. Overall, the only information I have public is my name, that I live in the Philadelphia area, a profile picture, and on LinkedIn my past and current employers. On Instagram, my profile is listed as public, but I am comfortable with what I post and I do not have any information disclosed upon where I live or personal info. My Facebook does show some more details upon my life, but is limited to only be viewed with people I accept as a friend. Because LinkedIn is a professional network, my resume is available to be viewed by anyone who allows one to see where I have worked and go to school. Essentially, we all have control over our online visibility. Sites allow for making accounts or different parts of your account private or locked. However, it is interesting what information is stored in databases by cookies or other sources that could include our credit card information that we enter during purchases or our addresses and phone numbers. Sometimes it is worrying to see what can be found when you search your own name on Google. In terms of social media, in most ways we have control of how public we want to be. Yet on the backend of things, what we aren’t always thinking about is mindlessly allowing companies to use our information for data.


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  1. Cookies are a difficult one, aren’t they. Whatever page you go on, you’re always pestered to allow cookies. Wether that be on the Daily Mail site or a clothing site. It’s hard to escape them. But, I’ve stopped pressing accept a lot of the time and have realised now that some sites do not allow you to continue to their page unless you accept their cookies. I personally find it very annoying and tedious. I do not want constant reminders that i’ve viewed this particular dress or this camera. I know what I have looked at and if I am interested, I shall go back I shall purchase it.


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