I’ve got the memory of a goldfish…

I am very prominent online, especially since joining university. Prior to joining, my Facebook account was left untouched for around three years. When I had logged back onto it, I had absolutely no messages but a couple of dozen notifications telling me that “so and so has added a picture” or its someones birthday. But nothing relevant to me. Aside from those who have my number and my family whom had seen me the past three years, I honestly could have passed as missing or gone completely for anyone else.
However, times have changed now. I have a Instagram account (which is private), a SoundCloud account, Twitter, Facebook (again :() and other social media sites. I monitor all my social media sites, especially my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram very closely. If there’s a photo I dislike I immediately remove the tag. Although, it is possible that someone who is friends with me and the person who took the photo will still be able to see what I am up to. So in some sense, I am not completely in control of my Facebook and what gets posted. Moreover, all the social media sites and online platforms I am on- anyone can find me. I am partially to blame for this however as I use the same user name for a lot of my sites.

Overall, I have tried to in the past erase my presence from online platforms. Now, it’s more difficult. With university expecting me to create pages for different sites and have social media sites readily available, I am not so sure I can erase or remove myself so easily any more.


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