Today, some of the top social networks that I am using are Instagram, Facebook and VK. On all of the above networks only on one of them I use my actual name. I believe that it is not necessary to share your real name on social media.

I am a facebook user, however only this year I started to use it more often in comparison to previous years. I do not share my address, contact details or relationship status information there, because sometimes it is necessary for me to accept friends request from people who I am not friends with. Before sending me a friend request the only information people can see on my profile is mutual friends, profile photos and some of my shared posts. I do not accept all of the friend request that I receive on Facebook and I also tend to filter my current friends.

I rarely ever post on Facebook, but if I do, my post are usually closed for my friends to view. However I still visit Facebook on daily bases to check messages and notifications that I receive.

What information do you share and does defer depending on the social network you are using?


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  1. I just think that Facebook is too complicated to handle especially the privacy settings. Facebook has been invented for so many years but I still haven’t figured out why I see posts of my friend’s friend all over the screen when I am browsing my Facebook page. So I just don’t like Facebook and I don’t post anything on it. However, different to Facebook, I think Instagram is way more easy to use and I am more active on it. But because of this self-esteem of mine, I make it open to everyone that even strangers could see my ‘private life.’ I know it is not safe to do that and I can avoid many more risks if I just change the setting and share my pics only with my friends. But this is what Instagram attracts me and I believe lots of more active users, you make everyone appreciate your fancy lives.

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