Cinderella should Google herself and Prince Charming!


Did you ever Google yourself before this assignment? Because I did. In the last 3 or 4 years a lot has changed regarding what comes up when I search for my name online. When I was in middle school and even in high school the things that came up were the school I have attended and the teachers that I have along with some of my grades and the results of my final exams in the 8th grade. After those, there was a web page from my high school that said that I was in the student council representing my class. A few pages in, my Facebook page would appear even though I use a slightly modified first name.

Now, when I have Googled myself, the first thing that came up was my London address, my results from high school, my account on Academia and after that my Facebook page. A few pages in, Facebook is still the only social media that comes up out of 10 or more that I have. I still use a slightly modified first name because that is how everyone calls me. Even though my Facebook profile comes up, people can’t see anything that I post. The reason why my social media is so hidden and secure is because I am really, really good at finding out information about other people online. Some of my friends will come to me and ask to search for someone and find out where they work, live or how much they earn. In the past few years I have mastered online “stalking” and I am aware how much information people give away. That is why when I turned 18 (I always had my real age on every social media) and all of the platforms offered me the chance to change my privacy settings and make everything public or more public than they were, I did not change a thing. Only my friends can see what I post and where I go and I always keep track of my social media image.

I guess Googling people all the time has its advantages, right?


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