Nowadays everyone is part of many various social networks. Facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter and so on… Of course, I am not an exception. I remember back when facebook was only just created it was widely popular to post all of the information you could think of about yourself online. This was a way of getting more followers, friend requests and generally gaining popularity on social networks. But that was a trend a few years ago and now this trend has definitely passed. Users of online communities started posting much less information about themselves and a lot of profiles, on instagram, for example, are now private. Regarding myself, I don’t post any information about myself whatsoever. On my facebook page only the very basic information could be found as I really don’t see much point in revealing personal details, especially as anyone would be able to see it. On instagram my profile is private most of the time, however sometimes I open it to the public just for a subtle change once in a while. Of course, judging by instagram a lot could be said about a person’s interests and hobbies, without having to read or search for any additional information. Either way, online world of social media platforms is fun and enjoyable, but I believe it is still important to think through what content and information on yourself to post, as everything could be found on google at any point by anyone.


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  1. I think I’m quite similar to you in terms of online visibility. I don’t share a lot of information because I simply don’t feel secure. I’m happy to give away where I study and a few photos of myself just so others can find me but other than that I’m quite reluctant. However, as a student studying the media, I think it’s important to realize that building strong online profiles could be beneficial because after all, most of the media is online. Do you think that as you continue your degree and eventually work in the media, you’ll be more lenient with how much you share on social media?


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