The (Almost) All-Seeing Eye of the Internet


Many web users have become fixated with sharing their experiences through social media platforms, whether it is pictures of their pets on Instagram, a rant about the university halls on Facebook or a tweet to their favourite actor, expressing their love for the actors new role, we can’t help but post it. How much do we share? Does this really vary from person to person or will the internet eventually find out all there is to know about you no matter how careful you think you are? There is so much we can control, we can limit the amount of information we put up on sites and privatise our profiles to make sure only those we wish to, can see them. We can choose whether people can tag us in photos on Facebook and report anything that infringes on our privacy. But there is an unimaginable amount of data floating around, even when you delete something, its trace remains. You also can’t always control what others post, either.
We are all visible in another way as well, sites like Facebook are keen to let everyone know if you’re online or exactly how long it has been since you were last online and whether you have indeed seen that message from that one person you just want to ignore. This can help in some ways but overall is a bit too ‘big brother’ish for me.


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  1. I feel as though, on one hand, everyone tries to emulate celebrities, when it comes to posting any fact about them or anything that they’re doing. In my opinion, this happens because celebrity’s lives are glamorized to the point of people caring if Jennifer Lawrence trimmed her hair or one of the Kardashians had a chicken salad for lunch. On the other hand, when talking about personal data on social media websites, I don’t think people realise that they have barely any control over their information. Everyone knows that once something is online it lives forever, however I believe that just a handful fully understand what that means, nevermind the price users pay to use these sites. Don’t get me started on government surveillance which is carried out ‘’to protect the people’’.
    At the end of the day, we will continue to share personal information including pictures of our kids for perverts to look at, and we won’t realise that social media websites use us as data to make a profit.


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