Some things we can’t control

When I think of my online visibility it freaks me out a little bit. Although I knew that anyone could see my photos and information when I created my profiles, I never really understood how much they could truly see.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my online visibility are my photos. Yes, I’m that girl that doesn’t set her Instagram and Twitter profiles as private. I know that I probably should but I have no personal information on there and I have never run into any issues with people stealing my photos. The only thing that worries is me is that Google has photos of both me and some of my Facebook friends on their “images” section, however this is the price I pay for having a public profile.

Whilst my social media settings are completely down to me, there is a lot of information on Google that I have not chosen to put up. For example, has taken my student halls address from the Electoral Roll despite the fact I have never voted. They have provided not only my address but also the names of all my flatmates. Personally, I do not feel that such information should be released to the public as anyone could track me down and knock on my door (an idea that I find very unsettling).

Personally, I love the Internet: it’s a great invention of our generation and it can be useful for a wide range of different things. However, it is also a very scary part of technology; it can store every photo you upload, every word you type and every place you go without you even knowing about it.



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  1. That sounds kind of scary. When I googled myself I couldn’t find my address and I was relieved. The idea of people finding my address so easily sounds terrifying because as you said, a person that has tracked you down can come anytime to knock on the door possibly not with good intentions. Isn’t there anything you can do to take down that information, such as reporting the website?
    I believe that sharing a lot of information on social media or no real information at all such as a fake name and an image of a cat for example is bad. I don’t take seriously the kind of people that use aliases, it actually leads me to believe they have bad intentions. There should be a balance between sharing too much and too little.


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