Scales of 1 to 10, how visibility do i look?

Speaking of visibility on internet, I thought I might be quite visible if you research me, because I have my own personal accounts on lots of social media no matter it’s Chinese or English, sometimes I will fill my birthday or email, telephone number. But on the contrary, I research my name in Google or Baidu (a research tool like Google and Bing in China). Basically you can’t find some effective information about me. Yes, I do have facebook, but I don’t use my real Chinese name, instead I use my English name then add my last name. It’s not that I don’t want to, but people can’t pronounce right and they can’t remember my Chinese name because it’s kind of tricky.


What’s more, I don’t use my real name on Instagram or Twitter too, even some Chinese website like Weibo (very similar thing like Twitter). I will use something kind of strange as my name or something isn’t related with my personal at all, so I can say, if you don’t know me or close to me like my good friends or family, you can’t recognize my account. But I did research me on Google, I just find a slides that I made long time ago, and it’s because the college asked me to do my homework. And on Baidu, I found out my offers from some Chinese university and it was from my high school’s website, besides that you can’t find some effective information on me. I think it’s because I only use my real name in the university or something really important, I choose use fake name as my social media account but sometimes my classmates have problem to find me tho.


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