Not much of a social media person

Facebook is the social platform where most of the information about me can be found. Information such as name, birthday, photos, country, city, university and course. On other platforms such as Instagram there is little information to find.  I have a private  account on Instagram and people who follow me can only find my name, not even my whole name (same on Facebook) and a few pictures.  I chose to share both my Facebook and Instagram accounts with people I know because I feel more comfortable this way. A while back I thought my ”friends” on Facebook are people I know, and one day I was browsing through them and ended up deleting hundreds because I didn’t actually personally know or heard of them.

I am sort of a private person, I rarely share photos on both my social media accounts and I never post stuff on Facebook such as statuses about my day, a bad thing that happened to me, etc. Social media has never been my thing. I set up my Facebook account a few years ago just to play Farmville.

Although social media give you a sense of privacy and control, as you can choose who sees what and you can delete your accounts at anytime, It still feel like the information you provide is not gone completely.

Recently, I googled myself and the only thing I found was the college I attended. I guess that’s good, right?



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  1. It’s interesting how you said that people you think you’re “friends” with on facebook turn out to not actually be people you consider “friends”. I remember my mother looking at my facebook back when I lived at home and saying “how can you possible have 400 friends??”. Like you said, half of these people aren’t actually our friends but they’re people who friended us back in high school and we just looked and saw you had some mutual friends and just senselessly clicked “add friend”. Like you deleted a bunch of these ‘fake’ friends, I have also become more cautious about adding people. Now, I really only add people I know and care about. I have also deleted some of the people who I had one class with back in middle school and haven’t spoken a word to. Not only that, with the concept of catfishing, it has made many more aware of the idea that these random people who have thousands of friends and add anyone are the ones who use this as a strategy to find a profile to use pictures and information to catfish someone else. In today’s technologically engaged world, we do have to be more cautious about who we accept as friends on social media.


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