Tumblr is certainly one of the most iconic and known websites that can describe the meaning of online community. Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking platform where people can share multimedia files. Users can follow other users and create their own blog with their pictures and videos, and reposting the others’ ones. There is a special feature called Queue that allows people to share their posts at the time they prefer; for example, I can create my own post with a picture or whatever and ask the system to spread it several hours later, or also days. There are also the tags, as in Twitter or Instagram (#). Many famous people use it, they share their pictures and their videos and they are followed by millions of people. One of the most popular blog on Tumblr is Kylie Jenner’s one (Kalifornia-Klasss). Today, Tumblr registered over 280 million blogs and more than 130 billion posts in total, with an average of 56 million posts shared every day. The standard user is between 16 and 25 years old. I personally think that this platform is amazing and has a great power over the internet and it is the perfect example of an online community that creates a great platform.



  1. I couldn’t agree more, Tumblr is a perfect example for online community, I use Tumblr a lot for see some pictures in some areas for example like Fashion and some films, and I followed lots of people in Tumblr and communicate with them, it was so fun. Unlike other social media, Tumblr has the latest pictures and news, so i can get least information of something I interested. Besides, I like to search some key words in tumblr, and i can chose the most popular and most recent, so i can see lots of informations. I have to say, i really like some fashion photographers, and normally their Instagram account has lots of fans, so they might can’t ask my question, but in tumblr, because i think people are more interested in pictures then less people to communicate with them, so i can ask something i want to ask.


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