One online community that has grown quite rapidly over the past year or so is the Instagram Makeup and Beauty community. Although Instagram only allows for 12 second vidoes, users are creative in their editing in order to make sure that their video tutorials have just what they need in order to demonstrate just how they created a certain look. This has lead to Instagram becoming a way for makeup artists and beauty bloggers to share their hints, tips and show off new looks that they’ve created.

Instagram makeup tutorials are fantastic; they’re short, giving only the basic information that one needs to achieve the look. While there are Instagrammers that target their videos towards those more experienced with makeup, there are also some pretty good accounts which offer more basic techniques for those who are still learning the basics.

I find the way in which the community works is pretty interesting. Accounts such as @makeupvideoss began popping up, offering their followers the very best video tutorials. These accounts tag the original creator in the caption in order for their followers to be able to check more of their videos. The only real issue with these types of accounts would be that there are those that repost content without giving credit.

Both creators and viewers benefit greatly from this community as it gives creators a platform to share their ideas and gain attention for their work. Many successful Instagram makeup artists have landed sponsorships and often receive free makeup and accessories due to the attention they receive.

The viewers benefit as they learn how to recreate their favourite looks as well as learn different techniques that help them achieve, for example, the perfect winged eyeliner without having to fumble through by themselves and end up looking like a 13 year old going through their “alternative” phase.



  1. have you also realised that now, you can also see bloggers posting three or four videos all of the same makeup tutorial. they do this because they know that once you look at one of those videos, you are hooked and will watch the rest to look at the outcome. I think its a great and smart way of using audience participation to not only bump up their likes, views and comment, but for them to make more videos.


  2. I think this is an amazing example! I have watched about a thousand makeup tutorials (not even joking) and I do not have the patience to watch a full one anymore. I believe that having a video that is only 12 seconds long is the best way to get the most out of a tutorial without wasting 10-20 minutes of your life. I agree that the makeup community on Instagram is huge (I think even bigger that on YouTube) and the page you linked is awesome. I can’t believe that I don’t follow it! I will go and do that now because I really enjoy these videos.


  3. Every teenage girl loves Instagram make-up videos! For watchers like me, it is a enjoyable process even if you just look at the gorgeous finishing look of the make-up beauties! It is similar to Q&A on Youtube, the audience are quite decisive in terms of the content of the make-up video. Because the bloggers want to gain as much interactivity and like as possible. The audience can learn how to do their favourable make-up for free, and the bloggers who receive brand sponsorship get profits. It is such as win-win deal!


  4. I have noticed the growth of this community! The short 12 second videos, (though i find that I never notice that they’re only 12 second, due to the editing skills of this talented Instagrammers) often pop up on other communities such as Tumblr and Facebook, where they are often edited together into a long stream of their different looks, in order to show off the skill of each Insta-beauty queen. The videos are also quite addicting, once I see one I often find myself entranced, until my five minute Facebook break turns into a 30 minute make tutorial binge. I’m aware that all of these women, and men too, begin receiving free products in the mail after their Instagram accounts start to pick up steam, but I’m wondering if like celebrities they start getting paid for each post?


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