“If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door” Milton Berle

With over 400 Million users worldwide LinkedIn can argue they are the “World’s largest Professional Network” It is used to network business professionally and create jobs for a large community. LinkedIn is not like other types of online communities it is solely for business purposes a bit like “Job and talents” where you can upload your CV and when there is a job opening you get notified. However with LinkedIn it is much more in-depth you will have to network with job companies and other professionals by joining groups that is within the sector you’re looking to work in. when you join the groups it is your way and the employer’s way to connect and for them to view your profiles and engage on a professional level. Staying up to date with you profile and the every changing pace and requirements of jobs descriptions on LinkedIn can be time consuming sometimes. Also LinkedIn in a very professional website so in my opinion the older and more experience you have the better chance of you getting a job. There is also some legal complications that you might face using the website for inappropriate use. In 2015 a 57 year old messaged a barrister and told her that her image was “Stunning” she stated that she found the message “offensive” this feud went about on Twitter but made the news very soon.

What’s your opinion on the small feud? Was it professional that he messaged her or was she in the wrong for not just taking the compliment as they are both professionals and business persons?




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  1. The way he started his message, “I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect but,” is evidence that even HE knew he shouldn’t have sent that message. As sexist as I think that it is, it’s mainly just weird. Pretty sure he could have found her on Facebook and hit on her there if he really wanted to and not through LinkedIn. Pretending that conversation went anywhere, how would they even talk about how they met? “So…one day he just messaged me on LinkedIn and we went on a date about a week after.” Again, very, very weird.

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