Google+ needs some love, too


Google+ (or Google Plus) is an interest-based social network that is owned and operated by Google Inc.

The service, Google’s fourth foray into social networking, experienced strong growth in its initial years, although usage statistics have varied, depending on how the service is defined. Three Google executives have overseen the product, which has undergone substantial changes leading to a redesign in November 2015.

Google+ user base was roughly 60% male and 25% female as of November 2013, and 15% “other” or unknown. Early adopters of Google in mid-2011 were mostly male (71.24%), and the dominant age bracket (35%) was between 25 and 34. An August 2011 survey estimated that 13% of U.S. adults had joined Google+.

This all sounds great in theory and in the presentation, right? Unfortunately, that is not meanwhile-on-google-plushow the majority of the Internet perceives this platform. There are many jokes about Google+ and how nobody uses it and that it is a completely useless knock-off or replica of Facebook.

One of the biggest controversies that Google Plus had started on November 6, 2013. YouTube, Google’s popular video hosting site began requiring that commenting on its videos be done via a Google+ account. YouTube said that their new commenting system featured improved tools for moderation, and comments would no longer be shown chronologically, but would be featured according to “relevance” and popularity, determined by the commenters’ community engagement, reputation, and up-votes for a particular comment. Some YouTube commenters and content creators complained that the Google+ requirement that users use their real name created online privacy and security concerns.

On July 27, 2015, it was announced that the integration with Google+ would be discontinued and that in terms of Google+ integration, YouTube would revert to its previous state, requiring only a Google Account to use all the features, such as uploading videos and posting comments.

Apart from that and the false image that nobody uses Google+, there are 418 million users active (December 2015) and a lot of campaigns and public figures that have an account such as: U.S. President Barack Obama, NASA, Steven Spielberg, The Black Eyed Peas, Tyra Banks, and Paris Hilton.

So what do you think? Do you have a Google+ account that you use? And if not, would you create one?





  1. I do not have a Google+ account and have never tried creating one. However I realized that it often comes to my attention when I am using Google tools or YouTube.
    When reading your post I was looking forward to more information how is Google+ related to audience community, however I didn’t find answers to my question even though you did include some other useful information


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