Fake names for the win.

I have accounts on all kinds of social networks, such as Facebook, VK (Russian equivalent of FB), Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter), and a few more. All of them require my full name, date of birth, gender and sometimes ‘bio’ where I’m expected to say something about myself; introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I have a fake name on every website apart from FB and VK because these two are used by almost everybody; therefore having a fake name would be quite embarrassing and in some cases inconvenient. It’s not that I try to pretend to be somebody who I’m not in reality, I just feel that a fake name is more interesting and sometimes it describes  in 2 words who I am better than a short introduction.

I don’t share much about myself. There’s no particular reason. I just don’t think that the name of the school I attended before or the list of my favourite films is something all people I have as ‘friends’ on social networks need to know. If they’re really interested in this information, they’ll ask me. I believe that it depends on us what information about us is available. It’s not that you’re forced to write anything too personal – some people do but it’s their choice. I actually don’t trust people who write too much about themselves and I can’t really explain why.

The only thing I don’t feel happy about is sharing my credit card details on Amazon or such because I have a constant paranoia that somebody will find my account number and steal my money.



  1. I use my fake name as well, so people can’t find me on the internet or i just show my account to some one i really close. I even don’t use my real Chinese name on facebook, so normally people can’t add me as my real name but as my English name. I think it’s a good way to keep the mystery haha


  2. I think at this point it is a personal choice. I don’t find myself thinking any differently of someone who’s names is for example ‘melikeyyourdog’ or just ‘michael’ (I found these on Youtube). I do agree that a fake name can say more about you and online brevity is usually key. When it comes to bank details, I do agree; it still makes me anxious but the fact that I can do so much whilst not leaving my house usually helps to soothe my nerves.


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