Crowdfunder: Where true generosity is shown

The online community which I would like to share in this post is Crowdfunder,  a largely active fundraising platform for all kinds of purposes.  The act of crowdfunding is when a large number of people contribute towards making a visionary project a reality. Crowdfunder is the UK’s largest crowdfunding community, with a range of partners across the country that support them.

A few of the projects that Crowdfunder has helped raise money for are:

  • refurbishment of a retreat house in Twickenham
  • funding towards LGBT teacher training in Scotland
  • a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in order to support less privileged communities.

But one project that has been incredibly successful is one that was created by the neighbours of a baby boy named Buzz, who developed jaundice shortly after birth.  Unfortunately, medical  professionals did not examine him properly, he wasn’t dedicated the correct medical attention and his parents concerns were ignored.  As a result, Buzz developed Kernicterus, a severe form of brain damage, has cerebral palsy and completely lost his ability to hear.  The project aimed to raise just £300 to enable Buzz to receive his first assessment as well as providing follow-up sessions for other brain damaged children.

Remarkably, Crowdfunder has boosted the project to more than £3,500, with donations open for another month yet.  This goes to show how online communities, especially those which fundraise, can bring out so much generosity in people.

Overall this is a very positive online community, but if I had to address some challenges/limitations, then they would be that there is  a lot of competition for fundraising due to the popularity of the platform.  It means that many projects do not get addressed at all, which would lead to disappointment for the person who started it.  There is also a chance that someone may be lying about their project, causing donors’ money to go to a different place.

Nevertheless, I think Crowdfunder is an amazing website that illustrates harmony and human morality when a community’s hearts are touched.  I would definitely recommend having a look at their website to see if there are any projects you would like to donate to.

If you have a project in mind that you would like to make a reality, you can create it here.

You can also have a read of Buzz’s project here.


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