Are You Linked…In?

Described as “the world’s largest professional network” and “the most important page on the web you’ll ever have,” LinkedIn has found success by facilitating the connection between professionals. With more than 313 million users spread across 200 countries and areas, LinkedIn is a professional online community helps users find internships, jobs, and even career advice. Users begin by creating an online profile where they can link to current and previous companies they’ve worked at and describe their roles and achievements at each. Ultimately, a LinkedIn profile becomes almost like a public, digital resume that cant be seen by key decision makers, so it’s important to keep it updated and polished. Because employers are constantly looking for greater additions to their team, they utilize LinkedIn just as much as job seekers do. LinkedIn has also been serving as a marketing tool for many companys, where they can promote themselves, create partnerships and even clients.

Do you have a LinkedIn? Do you make sure that your profiles on other online communities (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) reflect the same professionalism that your LinkedIn shows?

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