In this post, I will be talking about a very well known, friendly, useful and multi-platform community- buzzfeed. This online community is a collective of news and entertainment. It is international and convenient for those that do not speak English, as the language in which the layout of the website will be can be chosen in the toolbar provided, or alternatively “switched” to the preferred country and this action will be showing important news and relevant content of this country.

Users of the community, if logged in, can share their most beloved tips, tricks and useful lifehacks. As I already mentioned, this community could be found on various platforms, and their Youtube channels are massively popular with the audience reaching more than 5 million per each channel. Channels are segmented into categories and absolutely everyone will find something for themselves – from comical mini-videos about life in general to magnificent tutorials.

Check them out (if you haven’t already 🙂 )



  1. Buzzfeed is great. I don’t usually go on their website or watch its channel on YouTube but i do follow it on Facebook. It’s such a great source of entertainment, whenever i want to improve my mood it is one of my go to communities.
    I usually read the comments posted by other people and on many occasions i saw accusations of racism. One example is an article called ” 28 white people who need to be stopped right now”. it’s basically an article portraying white people doing stupid stuff in Buzzfeed’s opinion. You can check it out here:
    Other than this, from what i’ve seen, Buzzfeed embraces diversity.


  2. I think Buzzfeed is a nice example of online community, I didn’t follow any social media account of Buzzfeed, but i always watch something of Buzzfeed on my facebook page which shared by my friends. And i click the website of Buzzfeed and find out some entertainment news and some tips of some area, original videos and trending, I think it’s a good website to relax myself sometimes.


  3. I personally really like buzzfeed, I have discovered them on Facebook first and then started watching more of their videos on YouTube. Even thought, I really like their works I have never visited heir website before. I like their community, because they are engaging with their audience as well as have a new approach to sharing information with their viewers. I think visiting their website, would worth a while


  4. BuzzFeed is a great example of an online community because of its popularity. I visit their YouTube channels quite frequently because their content is quite comical and unique. The only thing I would say though is that some of their videos are inappropriate for younger viewers, e.g. ‘Best Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time’ and ‘Masturbation: Guys vs Girls’ as it can generate the wrong idea for them. Other than this, I think BuzzFeed brings a great community together because of the diversity of their videos, therefore entertaining almost everyone. A series from BuzzFeed which I found particularly interesting was called ‘Dear BuzzFeed’, where anyone can email them and tell them their story, whether it’s about cancer survival or crossing the border into a different country. They pick the most significant ones, create a video about their journey, and then upload it for everyone to see. One which was really amazing was about a man who lives in his car, here’s the link to check it out if you haven’t seen it already:


  5. I agree that Buzzfeed is an actual community because me and my friends watch every single video on their channels ( about 5 or 5 channels, I believe) as soon as they upload it. They have a distinguished style and really catchy characters. Although some people really hate Buzzfeed and argue that it’s not really a source of media but I believe it will be around for some more years due to the awesome support they receive.


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