Will you surf a couch??

CouchSurfing is a networking site which was created in April 2003. The site allows people, consumers to browse the site and find places they will be in for the night or the duration of their trip.

Members benefit through their participation by giving up their ‘couches’ or rooms up to travellers or students. Furthermore, participation is heightened through people giving good feedback and comments of their stay. It’s very similar to the newer version and app created called “Airbnb”. However, Airbnb is paid for but Couchsurfing is free to do. It’s such a positive community as not only does it connect people from around the world online, but also people get to meet and spend time together in real life. Sometimes, these online bonds and communities create real friendships and ‘penpals’ from around the world. Different cultures and experiences are brought into one house.

However, with all positive communities there are some negatives. For example, there are also a lot of negative reviews that have been seen on the site. A lot of users go to the site reddit to write and express their negative views.

Although there are negative reviews- a lot of people tend to see the positive outcomes and experiences that come with Couchsurfing. Furthermore, many tend to skip past the negative reviews and go with the people that are more trusted. With everything positive of course comes a negative. So, Couchsurfing is a great online community in which regular and friendly participation brings people from online to real life.


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