Reddit is one of the largest and arguably most active communities in the world. Just last month it had over 113,479,771 unique visitors. With over 600 subreddits being created every day, and hundreds of reddit meetups hosted every year all around the world, the community just continues to grow. It’s truly taken on a life of its own.The most impressive stat? This entire time, they’ve only had one community manager at a time for the entire platform.

Reddit is basically a platform for sarcastic and logical people that self-select to be apart of the community.

Reddit is one of the last major sites still centered around the early internet’s link culture — much of Reddit’s content involves linking to external sites — which, unlike Facebook’s increasingly insular “we want to be the internet” endless News Feed scroll, doesn’t translate very well to smartphones.

I’ve yet to encounter a site as large as reddit that has comparable strength of community. Admittedly, 4chan would be the closest, but there’s a very different, err, culture, there.If users see how much the staff cares, they’ll care too. This especially mattered when someone didn’t have a great experience. A free shirt, stickers, poster, or postcard signed by the team pays dividends far bigger than their cost and some postage. Which definitely adds up to the whole user experience.


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