Online Communities: LinkedIn

An example of a positive online community would be LinkedIn . LinkedIn is a community based upon practice. It is a community where members are able to network with those in the same field of study or job industry based upon the connections you seek out yourself, and the connections you have in real life and in this online network. In participating in this community by linking with others, following and posting about companies in your industry, as well as being a member of specific groups if you decide, one is able to take advantage of this source and find job opportunities, potential business partners, or help others find work. LinkedIn is a professional social media community where you are able to show off your skills. Huffington Post even referred to it as “the most powerful marketing tool in the 21st century” back in 2014, with it being the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with over 313 million members in 200+ countries (Chanasamooth 2014).  Challenges and limitations that may be created by this online community is that it creates a higher sense of competitiveness in the job market. It forces job seekers and employers to be proactive and act quickly upon open opportunities and connections with so many people in the work seeking community.


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  1. LinkedIn is the epitome of the networked self! – the entire premise of the site to gain online connections and put forth an image that will allow you to do so. I think the fact that the website has such a specific purpose is probably it’s strongest suit. There’s not much room to do much other than network and seek professional opportunities, which in my opinion is great because it keeps you focused and enables you to build an online persona separate from social media to present to potential employers.


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