LinkedIn:mainly useful professional networking

Yes, when I think about online community, things such like Facebook and twitter are the first thing camp up my mind. But when I consider about positive impact, I want to use LinkedIn a more professional platform as my example in this post.


LinkedIn is a networking tool to offer place and make people find connections with job recommendation, industry experts and business partners. Until October 2015, LinkedIn has 400 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, and this site has more than 24 languages to offer people who from different countries. For personal, I didn’t use this site before, but some people told me if I want to find a job or want to know which subjects or areas are popular now, I can find it on LinkedIn. People can find a job, people and business opportunity can recommended by someone, and the community can share their experience and give advice to each other. In addition, employers can list jobs and find potential candidates, but the limitations of LinkedIn are also issues for people. Firstly, people need to the investment of time to wait the opportunity and chances. Some users may not be very active in the sites, so they may not very update with the information.



  1. I think LinkedIn in a very resourceful online community, although it may be more beneficial in certain industries than others. For example, I’m interested in the music journalism/entertainment management industry and I’m very well aware that my personal connections might and already have helped my more than my LinkedIn connections. The entertainment industry is one that is heavily built off of favors and connections- not always, though. However, I still tend to keep my LinkedIn updated and connect with as many people as possible.


  2. I’ve never used LinkedIn before, but after reading your post I think I will definitely give it a go. Although I agree with @vegadrea that it’s possible to have much stronger connections elsewhere, maybe from people you actually know, I think LinkedIn would be a good way of planting the roots of something that could grow to an enormous size – a project, a campaign or even a career.


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