I Hesitate to Say … “Tumblr”


Tumblr is a blogging website in which users can post and reblog text, image, video etc.. For some people it’s a platform on which they can share their own work, for others its a place to silently watch and reblog, soaking in all that they see and passing it on to the next user. I chose Tumblr because it is where I grew as a person and learnt more about the world and those on it by interacting with others and hearing what other users had to say.

There are different parts of Tumblr but the part I am most familiar with and what I am focusing on for this blog post is the social discussions side, where social justice and ethics are taken into consideration and debates are sparked by anything and everything. The reason I hesitate to use this as a ‘positive example’ is because sometimes it isn’t too positive at all, because of the mass user base, it’s easy for opinions to get lost in the mess of heavy communication and for conversations to turn into arguments. In my personal experience, Tumblr has done more good than bad, it has helped widen the minds of this generation and created an open arena for the improvement (or at least, change) of society.



  1. I also wrote a post about Tumblr that’s why it was interesting to read your opinion. It’s nice to know that we both think of Tumblr in the same way, which is “Tumblr has more good than bad sides to it” but I’ve never seen any arguments. I swear, I’m a heavy Tumblr user but it just never happened to me. Can you think of a reason why? Like, does it all depend on the blog you follow or maybe the category you’re into? Maybe some fandoms/communities are more/less aggressive than others? Or maybe it depends on the context? For example, I usually reblog depressive gifs or cute animals that’s why, probably, there’s nothing to have a fight over? I’d really like to know your opinion on this!


  2. I used to use Tumblr a lot, and much of what I saw was centred around supporting people through their difficult times such as eating disorders, depression etc. I think for this reason alone, Tumblr is such a powerful online community. You are not forced to tell people who you are and yet they will still support you, help you and give you advice. Not many other sites have the ability to do this. Yes, there are sites like Twitter (which I did my blog post on this week) but there is something about Tumblr that just seems more intimate .


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