TripAdvisor is a good example of an online community. It is an american website company that provides users with worldwide reviews of travel-related content. In addition to this, TripAdvisor claims to be the largest travel site in the world.

TripAdvisor was founded in February 2000 by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, and several others. Originally it was a website in which community would share professional reviews regarding travel content extracted from  guidebooks or newspapers or magazines. The website would also offer a button, which allowed visitors to add their own reviews. With time visitors reviews exceeded the professional reviews and that is when TripAdvisor became an early adopter of user generated content and an online community.

Participants of this online community benefit from the content of the website, since they are able to share their reviews and receive information from other people regarding the travel content of their interest. TripAdvisor protects its users from suspicious or inappropriate content that is assessed by a team of quality assurance specialists, which makes the website very user-friendly. However, since it is an online based community, users are able to share false or unqualified information about certain travel content, thus making it harder for potential travelers to extract useful information.

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  1. This is a great example of an online community. I think it’s important that you touched on the evolution of the site being originally professional and then grew to be a site of user generated content.
    The concept of the site, a travel advisor, makes it clear how crucial it is for the users to have other users’ opinions. They know that companies can compliment a hotel, location, business etc. more than it should be to increase venue and popularity but with the voices of the travellers rising above that, it creates a much more valid site for users to turn to,

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