Broadcast Yourself

In 2005, the online community that became my go-to place for news development, commentary and entertainment was created: YouTube. It’s a positive example of online community because creators get to be themselves and viewers get to enjoy interesting content.

Nevertheless, being online, there are regulation problems when people are allowed to express their opinions whether nice or offensive. However, this is also the reason why YouTube is a reliable source when it comes to personal opinions, because there is no censorship. Being a community, there are issues such as creators abusing their power and influence either by physically harming fans or deceiving them, capitalising on it.

Music is a big part of this platform and copyright was once a big issue, however that has become less of a concern due to Youtube’s copyright policy.

This is a platform where different demographics can find something interesting, where people inspire the creation of content, however many media outlets don’t accept YouTube as a reliable source or give any credit for the success youtubers have achieved or the following they’ve built.

My biggest fear is that YouTube will lose its essence and become just a job for creators. If that happens I’m not sure whether it’ll survive because what draws people in is the fact that they can relate to who they see on the videos. My guess is that people will move on to a different platform.



  1. With a site like YouTube, it is not only reliant on viewers but also on the creators and a combination of the two where former transforms into latter and vice versa. This changes the aspect of what an online community is and how we as students can analyse it. There are a number of channels of interaction, the viewers to the creators, the creators to the viewers, and also the viewers to the viewers and creators to other creators and so how do we define this community? Is it one giant interlinking community of wasting channels or is it individual ones depending on who is involved?
    Either way, YouTube can be defined as an online community, and your discussion in this post is thought provoking.


  2. I completely agree that YouTube is a positive online community. Not only are people able to express themselves freely, but they get to share their achievements, success and their growth with their fans. YouTube is a place where people who have similar interests, or enjoy the same type of music or play the same games can gather. My little brother is obsessed with playing video games on his computer, but he often watched Youtubers play as they give him tips and show him cheats etc. Although some games are very niche, YouTube fulfills the demand for niche products and topics, and people don’t have to feel so alone or excluded for liking these things anymore.


  3. YouTube is a mainly positive online community and it is one of my favourite online communities. I just love how you can find videos on all the topics you can think of. You can use it as a platform for entertaining but also for learning. YouTube is a community for absolutely everyone.
    What I don’t like about it is the possibility of deceiving. People can give a certain name to a video but the content is something completely different. It often happens to me, especially when an artist releases a new song.


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