YouTube Q&A’s

YouTube Q&A’s are a perfect example of how audience participation can help to shape the content that’s being put out. YouTubers have massive following and, logically, their followers want to know more about them than the videos they’re putting out.

Q&A videos have such a simplistic formula to them and they’re so easy to make, however, they only work well when the audience actually participates and sends in questions for the YouTuber to answer. The wackier the question, the more interesting the video and the more viewers learn about their favourite internet stars.

These videos are important to most YouTubers as they help to keep the connection with their viewers and allow for the illusion that there’s a personal connection there. As soon as a YouTuber announces that they’re making a Q&A video (usually via twitter), their mentions are suddenly flooded with people offering their ideas for questions in the hopes that said YouTuber will see it and deem it entertaining enough to answer in the video.

It’s a win-win situation: viewers get their questions answered and are offered some entertaining anecdotes, meanwhile the YouTuber has a quick and easy video to upload and keep their viewers happy.




  1. I also enjoy it when on YouTube, they ask for their viewers to comment what they reckon their next video should be (or be based around). It makes me feel as if my viewing is being appreciated and that they also respect their audiences, as in fact, their audiences somewhat provide their careers. If they did not provide what we like then they would not have the followers they do.


  2. Q&A sections have long been on the most-watched video list on Youtube as it’s interaction with the audience and the endorsement of the celebrity. The content of the videos are mainly shaped by the audience whose questions are taken and mentioned. This made the audience have a sense of self-value which is more likely to motive more interaction and higher popularity of the videos. This is indeed, as the author said, a win-win situation.


  3. I believe that this is a great example of audience participation. YouTube q&a’s could sometimes be very entertaining, they are also engaging and it is a great way to communicate with fans and audience. I have never participated in a q&a’s, however I believe that this is a good way to boost up your viewers and followers. Another good example of q&a’s would be the website. You might want to check out.


  4. That’s a good example to show audience participation, I know a example as well as Youtube Q&A, a model who make videos about his modeling life during fashion week, and with the increase of amount of people watching his video, people starts to ask something to him, and he made some videos about Q&A (also vvia Twitter or instagram) to let his fans or some people who interested in fashion industry, and he try to answer their questions. This participation can make people who interested know more his modeling life or fashion industry.


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