A website whose content has been significantly influenced by user generated content is TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is a travel website providing free travel-related information to users, who create most of the content. Users are able to engage in forums, pose questions to other users, and post reviews of restaurants, hotels, viewing tours, and other travel-related experiences and services all over the world. The content and reviews that users provide are then accessed by other users who are looking to see the rating of travel services before they go on their own journey.

Trip Advisor is one of the world’s most popular and most trusted travel websites, employing over 2,000 people as of 2015. The site has over 60 million members and over 170 million reviews, ratings, and opinions of travel-related businesses and attractions. This content seeks to help users create the best possible travel experience by allowing them to find and choose between businesses, to discover which would be best for them. For example, a user would be able to post a bad review of a hotel which they had a poor experience at due to bad services, and this review could prevent someone from having a similar bad experience on their own trip. On the other hand, the site also allows people to post a positive review of a restaurant they liked, and as more users posted positive reviews that business could grow and become more successful. For example, on a recent trip to Florence, Italy, I stayed near a small sandwich shop which is one of the most reviewed restaurants on TripAdvisor worldwide. This small shop constantly had a line going out the door and down the street, and the good business had allowed the owner to open two other locations nearby to compensate for the influx of customers. Successful businesses like this one, especially those who receive a rating among the “TripAdvisor Hall of Fame” often post a sticker saying such by the door, as due to the trusted content of its users a good rating from TripAdvisor is enough to get people in the door.



  1. TripAdvisor is AMAZING! I actually recommend it to all of my friends and family because it can actually be helpful, But of course, it has it’s downs because it is not fair to judge something only based on other people’s opinion. Where is the objectivity in that?


  2. TripAdvisor is one of my favorite tools, especially as a study abroad student. It’s based on the experiences had by people similar to myself which creates a sense of trust within the site. It also allows for discussions to form around certain attractions and accommodations that become quite useful when booking a trip, ultimately fulfilling the goal of the internet in some people’s minds, that to create a platform for an exchange of ideas and experiences.


  3. I think TripAdvisor is a useful website for me because it is trustworthy as comment-based websites should be. The comments which considered valuable and insightful are generated mostly by the audience whose identity have to be authorized before they comment. For example, the audience have to have lived in that hotel to be entitled to post a comment. Like you have mentioned that there are both sides of comments to the businesses which make it seem more reliable than just being exaggerated praising them. This audience-generated website is a very positive example of network medias.


  4. Last summer I went backpacking in Colombia and I used TripAdvisor a lot while looking for the best hostel to stay. And it worked pretty well I mean the most rated hostels were actually very good. However I was wondering, what if I have a business, a restaurant for example, and there’s another next to mine and we are competitors but we are both good; still I want mine to be rated the best of course, so I start writing negative comments and give the other like one star in order to bring their feedback lower? It is not fair. So how can we be sure that the rates are correct?


  5. As an avid traveller, I have to commend the usefulness of this site for its general reliability and how up to date it is. The website features the most honest and detailed reviews of any place I am looking into and I never had to worry about corporate PRs or sneaky ads. I think of it as a for restaurants and hotels (and more) so I am wondering if they will be adding more professional reviews to some of the venues, without taking away the audience participation aspect from it. And just want to give a shoutout to anyone out there that has ckmtributed to the site: you guys porbbaly influenced my trip around the world at least by a little bit! Thanks!!


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